Family Toys

Kendrick's Toy

Carmela's Toy -- engine trouble

Ken's Toy

Tina's new Pergo & tile floor (Ken & Tina are the Home Depot Tile School Graduates)

Photos from our family backpacking trip 6-2-2000

The 1 mile hike down to the creek took about 1 hr, with several snack breaks to re-fuel the kids. We camped over night right by the creek above the white sandy beach.

team leader

look at the packs

ready for the hike

make splash

big cray fish

what a beautiful view

Photos from our latest 4-wheeling/hiking trip 12-29-2000

Best Friends

Kendrick the hiker

Carmela the hiker

Christmas Pictures 12-25-2000

While Carmela was at the church with Grandma Cathy, Great Grandma dodo and mom,
Kendrick, dad and Grandpa Bob were doing last minute Christmas Shopping

OK, Carmela isn't always an angel , but doesn't she look so adorable in this new dress from Aunt Jeannie!

Kendrick tells Santa what a good boy he is!

Christmas with Grandma Dodo

Snow Time 1-20-2001

1st Time Sleding
Powder Hands
Just me and my mom
Riding in the Bag

Chinese New Year 1-29-2001

The best part about the Chinese New Year is
getting the little red envelope

Chinese Boy & Girl

Kids/Pets Corner

Piano Boy

Piano girl

Karate Kid

My Jungle

Little Ballerina

Biker Girl


After years of construction, here is our fish pond

Five goldfish, many minnows and snales reside in our back yard oasis,
or is it the food chain in action:

- the dog chases the birds

- the birds catch the fish

- the fish eat the plants (we seldom feed the fish)